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Assistant professor
Chair of Mathematical Physics
Faculty of Mathematics
University of Białystok

Research interests

My research interests are related to various aspects of mathematical physics with emphasis on topics close to problems of functional analysis and operator algebras:

Selected publications

Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics

For the better part of this century I've been a secretary of Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics — annual international conference in the field of mathematical physics and mathematics organized in Białowieża. Head to the webpage to learn more or to register. You can also visit the Facebook page: The event is accompaigned by School on Geometry and Physics intended for young researchers and graduate students. It takes place in the week preceding the Workshop and consists of several 3h courses by leading experts in mathematical physics.

Other stuff


You can find some of my code written as a hobby on Gitlab (there are also repositories on Github but they are not kept up to date). It hosts among others my personal fork of Music on Console featuring new features and a C++ rewrite of SGallery - a generator of static photo gallery.


My photography webpage is There are major subsections devoted to music photography (mostly folk and sea shanties genre).

boat river
folk shanties